Hooking up video camera to tv ?

Answer Maybe hit a "TV/Video" button or something of that sort, something to select a different input. Sometimes going through the channels using the channel buttons will not include the different inputs.

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I'm having trouble hooking up my camera to my computer...?

DID YOU INSTALL the software? The camera came with...if you lost it maybe you can find it on Sony's website...BUT People think if they plug things into the computer without software they'll work He... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Hooking Up a Canon Movie Camera to a Mac?

Cannon camcorders allow users to transfer their home movies onto Mac computers using a USB cable or SD card. Mac computers use a pre-installed program called iMovie that can edit, render and combin... Read More »

Buzz when hooking up audio/video system. What am I doing wrong?

The CATV coax is a common source of 60 hz hum. It picks up the noise from outside your house and injects it into your electronics.You have some choices:- Call your CATV company and insist they come... Read More »

Whats the difference between a consumer video camera and a professional video camera?

One is made by the home electronics division in China, designed by the Home Electronics division in Japan.The professional camera is designed and made IN JAPAN by the Professional Electronics divis... Read More »