Hoo knows wit tae dae wae bee stings in a dugs eye?

Answer cal da vit

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Are there any vitamins or etc. that can help get u feeling better after withdrawls from dugs?

I'd like to tell you a story, but rather than that, please read the article I've shown, to get a completely different idea toward drug addiction.

Bee stings ?

the cheapest and best remedy for bee stings, as weird as it may sound is mud....go outside dig up some dirt and make it till it's a pasty consistency, put it on the sting for about 15 mins and then... Read More »

It really stings when I pee?

you have a urinary tract infection. go to a doctor for antibiotics and you should be OK

Why does a bee die when it stings you?

When a bee stings, barbs in the lance of the stinger cause it to firmly stick into the victim pulling out the venom sacs, organs and glands when the bee is shaken off. The venom sac muscles continu... Read More »