Honey on an open face wound?

Answer I would never provide advice to someone, as to what curative measures I'd be ONLY guessing about. The person who offered the use of Neosporin, the very effective anti-bacterial cream. has made much... Read More »

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Can I put honey on my cut wound?

Applying a bit of honey may help. It primarily helps healing by killing bacteria, and though it's pretty much healed by now, honey can help a bit with scarring. So, yes, give it a shot.

What is an open wound?

Any injury that involves a break in the skin constitutes an open wound. Open wounds require careful cleaning because of their susceptibility to infection. In some cases an open wound may require im... Read More »

I recently have a wound on my face due to an incident. Will it heal?

Yes, it will heal.Tattoo ink is put just under the top layers of skin. To shallow, and it goes away when you shed your skin. Too deep and it gets mixed up with your blood and destroyed by white b... Read More »

Wound on face. How to make it heal in under 2 weeks?

I have a similar problem, i washed the area every day before applying neosporin. Apply neosporin 2 to 3 time a day. Moisturizing will also help it heal.