Honey before a big workout?

Answer Yeah, honey works great in giving instant energy. Something in it makes it be able to be absorbed quickly. It also is loaded with antioxitants. I use it right before a race in a swim meet.Definantl... Read More »

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How do i warm up before a workout?

It is very important to warm up, as a matter of fact it is a must to avoid injury.There are books in the library and it is all on the Internet. But most important thing you can do is to start out s... Read More »

Should I do a workout before going to my mma gym?

Yes, you should. Make your body stronger.

Are you suppose to stretch before, or after a workout?

Before a workout, it's best to stretch because you won't get cramps and your body will be more flexible.

Is it okay to take a protein shake before and after workout?

traditional wisdom is carbs before, protein after.