Honestly, do you wash your hands every time you use the restroom?

Answer Honestly!? Truthfully!? YES!I'm a bit of a germaphobic (not a real word, I know) But I can't NOT wash my hands when I use the restroom at home and especially at a public place. I'll go so far as... Read More »

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Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?

I have extremely dry hands because I wash them at work all the time. I need a handcreme.?

I have had very good results from Avon Intensive Therapy cream, as well as Herbacin and Glysomed. These last two can be found at any department store like Walmart, etc. I use the Avon one all the... Read More »

Do guys REALLY wash their hands EVERY time before they leave a bathroom?

I do. But I have also seen many leave without washing.You really should wash because the hands are the dirtiest thing on you. They have flue germs, cold germs and every respiratory germ you can th... Read More »

Are there any laws in Calif. restricting restroom use i.e. if restroom is designated "women" can men use it?

NO...Definitely...beyond a shadow of doubt...NOThis happened when I was working at Lockheed. There was only one restroom for the women...and one for the men.An OSHA representative spotted a man ... Read More »