Honda motorcycle VIN help?

Answer That should be a 1979 Honda CM400T This look similar?…… Note: Notice the serial numbers listed on Motera site f... Read More »

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Do I have to use Honda oil in my 2007 Honda 250 motorcycle?

No. Honda-branded oil and lubricants may be substituted with products from a different brand, providing that the oil meets the lubrication needs required by the motorcycle. The oil used should does... Read More »

Where is the VIN number on a Honda motorcycle?

Most motorcycles have their VIN printed in front of the gas tank on the steering neck of the motorcycle frame. To locate your vehicle identification number, turn the handlebars to the side. Motorcy... Read More »

Who makes Honda motorcycle oil?

Honda-branded motor oil is not created by the Honda corporation. According to the parts and service department of Klein Honda (Everett, WA), Honda has used multiple manufacturers over time, but Hon... Read More »

Honda Motorcycle Specs?

Honda has been producing quality motorcycles for more than half a century. Throughout its history, Honda has maintained a hallmark of cutting edge and innovative designs that have captivated the he... Read More »