Honda VTX 1800 Performance Specifications?

Answer Cruiser motorcycle design has been a race to the top in terms of engine displacement. The Honda VTX 1800 carries the largest motorcycle engine ever, with power that will give even big bike fans pau... Read More »

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Honda VTX 1800 Custom Specifications?

Soichiro Honda was a man who liked speed and engineering. He began in the 1940s creating piston rings. Soon, that was not enough, so he turned his attention to creating motorcycles. He was successf... Read More »

How to Change the Coolant on a Honda VTX 1800?

Coolant, like motor oil, can sometimes become contaminated, dirty and less effective and must be changed. Allowing your VTX's coolant to become dirty can cause it to circulate heat less well and th... Read More »

Valve Cover Removal for a Honda VTX 1800?

The Honda VTX 1800 is advertised by Honda as the most extreme V-twin motorcycle they have ever made. Despite its extreme nature, however, the VTX can still encounter mechanical problems. It is part... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Wheel on a Honda VTX 1800?

Removing the rear wheel from a Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle can be an intimidating undertaking for a DIY mechanic. At first glance, getting the rear wheel off the VTX's drive shaft and past the exhaus... Read More »