Honda Civic Wiper Switch Replacement Procedures?

Answer On a Honda Civic, the windshield washer and wiper control switches are integrated into a single lever on the right side of the steering column. Removal and installation on early models of this vehi... Read More »

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How to Fix Wiper Motors on the Honda Civic?

The wiper motor on your Honda Civic uses a printed circuit board to control the function of your wipers. When the windshield wipers on your Civic hesitate or slow down, you might need to replace th... Read More »

DIY Brake Replacement on a Honda Civic?

While the Honda Civic includes six air bags, an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, active head restraints and an anti-lock braking system, these safety features mean little if the d... Read More »

The '97 Honda Civic Caliper Replacement?

The Civic entered Honda’s lineup in the 1973 model year as a simple economy car. Since its release, the Civic has come standard with front disc brakes. The 1997 Civic’s standard disc brakes use... Read More »

How to Fix the Wiper Motor on a 1988 Honda Civic?

Replacement wiper motors for your 1988 Honda Civic may be hard to come by if your motor is giving you problems. If you're not having any luck finding a replacement motor at an auto-parts store, you... Read More »