Honda CR-V Versus Toyota RAV4?

Answer The 2009 Honda CR-V and 2009 Toyota RAV4 are competitors in the compact sport utility vehicle market, offering similar features for nearly the same price. The 2009 CR-V starts at $21,245 and the RA... Read More »

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What is the gas mileage in a 2002 Toyota RAV4 and a 2006 Toyota RAV4?

The 2002 Toyota RAV4 gets an estimated 21 miles per gallon in the city and 26 mpg on the highway. The 2006 Toyota RAV4 gets the same mileage in the city, but highway mileage is slightly better, at ... Read More »

What Is New in 2011's Toyota RAV4?

The 2011 Toyota RAV4 differs little from the 2010 models and remains consistent with all third-generation RAV4 produced since 2006. However, in 2011, for the 2012 model year, Toyota released a mode... Read More »

How to Set the Unlock Options on My Toyota RAV4 Key Fob?

The Toyota RAV4 is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that features a number of common technologies, including the ability to install and program keyless entry remotes to your vehicle. You can set the l... Read More »

How to Change an Air Filter on a Toyota Rav4?

The Rav4 has gone through three generations and a few different options for engines since Toyota started manufacturing it in 1994. No matter what year your Rav4 is, replacing the engine's air filte... Read More »