Honda Accord Ball Joint Repair?

Answer Knowing how to change the ball joint of your Honda Accord is something that can save you time, money and frustration. In fact, it doesn't even require that much effort. All you need is an understan... Read More »

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How to Change a Ball Joint in a Honda Accord?

Changing the lower ball joint on a Honda Accord requires using a special press tool and a large machinist vise. The lower ball joints are the only units that can be replaced separately on the Accor... Read More »

How to Replace a Lower Ball Joint in a 1996 Honda Accord?

The front suspension on a 1996 Honda Accord uses an upper and lower control arm that guide the front suspension up and down while allowing the wheels to turn with the steering wheel. Both arms hold... Read More »

'92 Accord Ball Joint Removal?

The ball joint on a 1992 Honda Accord is pressed into the steering knuckle. You must remove it with a special tool. In order to replace this joint you must remove the knuckle and place it into a la... Read More »

How to Install a Ball Joint on a 1993 Accord?

The ball joint on a 1993 Honda Accord connects the steering knuckle to the control arm. It is integral to the car's suspension. Over time, friction and pressure wear down the ball joint until it ne... Read More »