Homeschooling Material Resources?

Answer Home schooling families can create their own curricula and materials, but there are a number of organizations that have prepared lessons and materials for home schooling families. Some of these are... Read More »

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VA Homeschooling Resources?

Home schooling is an option in any state in the United States, but each state has different laws and opportunities for home-schoolers. Finding resources for your state is important so that you are ... Read More »

Resources for Homeschooling?

Whether your student has been homeschooling for years or is new to the activity, it's likely she will need additional help at some point. Homeschooling can be very effective if it's executed proper... Read More »

AK Homeschooling Resources?

In her 2002 book, "Real life homeschool: the story of 21 families who make it work," author Rhonda Barfield points to the State of Alaska as a location where some families must home-school due to t... Read More »

How to Find Homeschooling Resources?

Looking for ways to find homeschooling resources? This article will give you a springboard of starting ideas!