Homeschooling Laws in the State of Florida?

Answer Florida has moderate homeschooling regulation and gives parents three options under which they can legally homeschool: establish a home school, operate as site of a private school which includes a ... Read More »

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Homeschooling Laws in the State of Michigan?

Michigan law states that a child is not required to attend public school if "the child is being educated at the child's home by his or her parent or legal guardian in an organized educational progr... Read More »

New York State Homeschooling Principal Laws?

New York parents may provide home instruction to their children instead of sending them to school. They must follow some strict guidelines, however, that assist school authorities in fulfilling the... Read More »

State of Florida Insurance Laws?

The insurance laws in Florida are similar to those in other states in the country and these laws require car owners to purchase a specific insurance amount for coverage. This includes coverage for ... Read More »

Car Repossession Laws for the State of Florida?

Repossession is an unfortunate truth. People either can't or won't make their car payments on an item that they don't fully own, causing the company that loaned the money to buy the car to take it ... Read More »