Homeopathy to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs?

Answer Flea infestation can cause your dog (and you) extreme discomfort, and there are a number of chemical flea sprays available, which claim to kill fleas on contact. For those who'd rather not expose t... Read More »

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Homeopathy to Kill Fleas on a Pregnant Dog?

No matter how careful you are, your dog can become infested with fleas. If she is pregnant, special care must be taken to kill the fleas. While fleas can be seen on the skin, the most common sign o... Read More »

What Happens When Dogs Get Fleas?

Fleas are parasitic insects belonging to the group Siphonaptera. There are an estimated 2,000 species of fleas worldwide, all of which cause itching and discomfort to our canine companions, accordi... Read More »

Why do fleas like my dogs feet?

Fleas are attracted to more than just your dog's feet, however, the feet are where the owner might notice their presence first. Your dog's feet and ankles are an access point for fleas, permitting ... Read More »

Types of Fleas on Dogs?

Most dog owners know that fleas are a common parasite found on the surface of a dog's skin. What some are unaware of is that there are numerous different types of fleas on dogs that have varied cha... Read More »