Homeopathy Would you recommend it?

Answer Best description I ever heard of homeopathy came from a doctor on a medical site I subscribe to.He likened it to throwing a pint of beer into a reservoir and then drinking the water thinking you wi... Read More »

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Does homeopathy medicines really improves the male sex power i need best homeopathy clinic in hyderabad?

Homeopathy doesn't help anything. It's just water, so unless your ED is caused by psychological reasons it's not going to be helped by a placebo. Homeopathy is ludicrous nonsense, don't ever wast... Read More »

How would homeopathy "cure" a person who has had a thyroid destroyed?

Homeopathy may be helpful in placebo sensitive conditions that members of the royal family may have, but a destroyed thyroid is no such thing. Homeopathy has been around for approximately 200 years... Read More »

What shampoo, conditioner, etc, would you recommend for me, and would keep me at my fluffiest?

mud, water, and lemon juice blend well and wash it.. you'll get very fluffy love lol

What would kind of protein powders would people recommend to get and where from?

I wouldn't recommend them at all. They are highly processed crap with chemically synthesized replicas of nutrients.Eat some cashew butter, some beans or an avocado. It's tastier, more effectively... Read More »