Homeopathy How effective have you found it?

Answer Trixi, perhaps you don't fully understand how homeopathy is proposed to work. The first principle is 'like cure like' - so if you have insomnia, homeopaths will give you a remedy made from Coffea,... Read More »

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How effective is Homeopathy treatment for Benign Prostate enlargement?

These herbs which are extremely effective for treating this condition are Saw Palmento, pumpkin seed oil, and Pygeum Africanum. The mineral Zinc is important for normal prostrate function. My grand... Read More »

Will 'Baryta Carb' & 'Silicea' homeopathy medicines be effective to increase height?

The best height growth product after puberty is super-growth. I recommended this product to a lot of people and more than 80 % of the users are very pleased with the results of super-growth. Check ... Read More »

Does homeopathy medicines really improves the male sex power i need best homeopathy clinic in hyderabad?

Homeopathy doesn't help anything. It's just water, so unless your ED is caused by psychological reasons it's not going to be helped by a placebo. Homeopathy is ludicrous nonsense, don't ever wast... Read More »

Have you tried homeopathy,if so did you find it beneficial?

For more then 20 years now I have not used any other medication apart from Homeopathic remedies for myself, my family and friends and for my patients. There are no doubts in the minds of the people... Read More »