Homeopaths - Why does ink not get darker when you dilute it?

Answer I do enjoy a little fun at alt. meds. expense and as long as it's not insulting, I can't see any harm in it, this is why I posed this question myself a little while back. Read More »

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If a front tooth was damaged 4 years ago and is slightly darker now should a root canal be performed to keep it from getting darker?

Answer Trauma to the front teeth will often cause a tooth to die and subsequent discoloration. A root canal is needed to prevent or stop the infection process. To address the color, root canal trea... Read More »

My Nikon d5100 takes darker pics outside and even at home it's darker than what it really is.?

If you haven't read & studied the Owner's Manual for your camera now is the time to do it. Then watch this:… Who better than Nikon to teach you to effect... Read More »

Specifically for homeopaths?

I am a Homeopath. Depends upon your age, if you are in your teenage i.e the growing years Homeopathy has an 80% chance of improving your height, best results between 13 to 17 years of age, after 17... Read More »

Do homeopaths have a nasty side?

The name of the show is "cure or con." Before the show even airs, homeopaths get busy with the rallying, assuming the program will pick "con." Hmmm, very telling.