Homemade Wet Wipes?

Answer Instead of purchasing expensive baby wipes from the store, you can make your own at home with supplies you have around your home. Commercial baby wipes can often have chemicals that harm sensitive ... Read More »

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How to take off your make up if you do not have any wipes or any chemical wipes?…there you go my friend hugsxxxx

How to Buy Baby Wipes?

New parents or caregivers often find themselves buying products for which they've never previously been in the market. It can be overwhelming to buy baby wipes since there are so many brands and qu... Read More »

Are all wet ones wipes flushable?

Wet Ones brand Antibacterial, Sensitive Skin and Big Ones Antibacterial wipes are not described as flushable on Wet Ones' website. However, Wet Ones does make personal hygiene wipes called Fresh 'n... Read More »

Should I use alcohol wipes?

rubbing alcohol will kill not only the bacteria and clean it, it will also kill the newly forming cells- and dry your skin out too. that's also the rule that you don't clean a new piercing w / it o... Read More »