Homemade Waste Oil Purifier?

Answer Engine oil keeps your car running smoothly. Over time, it picks up dirt and debris and needs to be replaced. You can salvage this oil and reuse it, saving money and reducing waste.

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Homemade Oil Fired Waste Boilers?

Waste oil boilers allow you to reuse oil that has already been processed through other systems. These boilers have a beneficial environmental impact, and the heat created can be applied to various ... Read More »

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Solid wastes and hazardous wastes differ in their components, as well as how they affect human health or the environment. Solid waste includes domestic and household trash, whereas hazardous waste... Read More »

How to Ethically Recycle Electronic Waste ( e-Waste)?

Typical e-waste disposal is to third-world countries where there is no procedural oversight, few (if any) laws about disposal and as a result the lands and waters are defiled and poisoned as are th... Read More »