Homemade Tips for Making Teeth Whiter & Shinier?

Answer Many products promise a whiter, brighter smile. However, not only can they be costly depending on the type of product or procedure you choose, but they can also harm tooth enamel. Rather than risk... Read More »

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Tips for whiter teeth or best teeth whitener?

Rembrandt is awesome though expensive. But one I do 2 or 3times a week is get toothpaste on you toothbrush, dip it in baking soda and brush. That works but will only whiten for about a night so it'... Read More »

Homemade Ways to Make Teeth Whiter?

Poor dental hygiene, tobacco use and consuming dark colored beverages, such as coffee and red wine are just some of the things that may cause tooth discolorations. There are many remedies to get ri... Read More »

Tips on making your teeth stronger?

Dental floss twice a day, brush teeth twice a day (make sure the toothpaste has fluoride), use mouthwash morning and night, eat foods rich in calcium and drink beverages rich in calcium, such as mi... Read More »

Any tips on making homemade baby food?

It's really not too difficult to do. Maybe a little overwhelming at first. I have twins and I did it. A great website to get you started and give you recipes is Good luck!