Homemade Snack Ideas for Kids' Home Lunches?

Answer Feeding your children a healthy balanced meal is vital for their growth and development. Giving them healthy nutritious snacks are just as important. Instead of opting for the not-as-nutritious sna... Read More »

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Alternative Snack Ideas for Kids: No Junk Food?

Change is hard, especially for children trading a junk food diet for healthier fare, but getting children to eat healthier is possible and it's imperative. According to the Centers for Disease Cont... Read More »

Penguin-Themed Snack Ideas for Preschool Kids?

The penguin is a cute and furry arctic friend that a lot of young children love. In preschool, the idea of building lessons around penguins can be enhanced by creating snacks of the same theme. Chi... Read More »

Ideas on Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids?

Many store-bought Halloween costumes are made of flimsy materials and seem overpriced for what you get. And they often don't survive past the holiday. Instead of searching stores for a costume, sav... Read More »

Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts for Kids to Make?

In this age of technology and convenience, children may view Christmas as a commercialized time for store-bought presents rather than a time for reflection, thankfulness and giving. You can teach c... Read More »