Homemade Shorting Stick?

Answer Testing electronic equipment can take a lifetime of practice. This equipment requires a high voltage of electricity which can be deadly if not handled properly. Even a weak charge can cause a heart... Read More »

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Shorting Strategies?

A stock short sale is the exact opposite of a traditional stock purchase. In normal stock trades, you buy stock that you believe will appreciate in value over a period of time. With a short sale,... Read More »

Shower is shorting?

Yes you have a point of use water heater (blah blah blah). and it may be the heater is just kaput and needs to be repaired or replaced. With out going into how electricity works too much.The hot... Read More »

Shorting Stocks Rules?

When you buy a stock you hope that it will go up in value so you can sell it for a profit. When you are "shorting," or short-selling stocks, you sell stocks and hope they will go down so you can re... Read More »

What is naked shorting?

Naked shorting is an investment strategy that, if carried out with care, can reward stock-market speculators with sizable profits. But this strategy also carries high risk for individuals, and shou... Read More »