Homemade Scary Scarecrow?

Answer Scarecrows have been around as long as gardens. They are literally named for their function -- the floppy figure in the old clothes is meant to scare crows away from the crops. Halloween scarecrows... Read More »

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Scary Homemade Masks?

Everyone loves a party. But many people ask themselves how they can dress up and look great without breaking the bank. Making scary masks and costumes from things you have around the house is easy,... Read More »

How to Make a Scary Homemade Haunted House?

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How to Avoid Scary Faces from Scary Pop Ups?

Have you seen a scary pop up video on the internet that looks really scary and shows a creepy face if so then it's considered frightening and this will tell you step by step on how to avoid scary f... Read More »

How to Use Mylar As a Scarecrow?

Your garden may look like a veritable feast to the critters in your neighborhood. Mylar, a light-weight, durable polyester film that reflects light, can be added to a scarecrow in your garden to de... Read More »