Homemade Saltwater Hair Texturizer?

Answer The "beach" look is a popular way to wear your hair. The look means your hair is slightly curly or wavy like you just got home from the beach. If you don't live by a beach or it's too cold to go to... Read More »

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How to Put in a Hair Texturizer?

Hair texturizers are ideal for those who want to add some definition and reduce frizz to their very curly hair, or else to relax extremely springy hair. A texturizer can also help greatly increase ... Read More »

How to Apply a Hair Texturizer?

A hair texturizer is a type of relaxer that loosens natural curls and reduces frizz and puffiness, making them easier to manage and style. The curly style is maintained, but the curls are not as ti... Read More »

Texturizer Treatment for Hair?

Texturizing treatments for hair are essentially a relaxation technique that will soften your curls, but will not straighten your hair completely. This technique is slightly gentler than traditional... Read More »

What Is Hair Texturizer?

Curly and kinky hair tend to have uniquely shaped hair cuticles that can be difficult to style into straighter styles, which have more manageability. That's where hair texturizers come in. ... Read More »