Homemade Root beer, any help?

Answer If you already found details online go with one of those recipes.It seems like a lot of time and money to go to all of that trouble, to make something you can buy for a dollar or less.

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Homemade root beer question help!?

Dangerous. You should really learn to follow directions. You're about to make some root beer hand grenades.Next time you should buy a "carbonator cap" and a co2 bottle with the appropriate connecto... Read More »

Does anyone remember the "A & W Root Beer Drive Inn Restraunt and How about their famour Root Beer?

There is one still in Edwardsville, ILL...along the historic rt 66. There are modern ones in STL.

How bad is Root Beer for you?

At the most 4 times a week, dont drink it all the timebut its fine in moderation! Enjoy yourself

DIY Root Beer Kit?

Deliciously refreshing on a hot summer's day, root beer has been a popular non-alcoholic drink that has its origins with the first settlers to America. Originally made from freshly collected plant ... Read More »