Homemade Robot Remote Science Project?

Answer Although building a remote control robot sounds complicated, you can build a simple one using materials that you have lying around your house. This gives your child an opportunity to be creative wh... Read More »

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Homemade Volcano for Science Project?

For a volcano science project, you can make your own unique and creative erupting volcano to enhance your display and make your project come to life. With some everyday items and a little bit of ar... Read More »

Homemade Ice Keeper Science Project?

Science projects are a great way to help students connect the material they learn in class to the real world. Building a homemade ice keeper is one way to teach a lesson in thermodynamics. Since a ... Read More »

Homemade Science Project Ideas?

A physical demonstration or experiment makes a scientific theory vivid and memorable to students. Students can perform many science projects at home with basic household materials. Whether your chi... Read More »

Homemade Barometer Science Fair Project?

A science project that students can complete is to track the weather using a homemade barometer. A barometer is a weather tool used to measure air pressure. Air pressure is the weight of air molecu... Read More »