Homemade Pet Stain Removal for Carpets?

Answer Pet stains occur on the carpet even if there isn't a new puppy in the house. Older dogs or cats occasionally soil the carpet and the temptation to mark territory often overrides training. Removing ... Read More »

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Home Remedies for Spot & Stain Removal on Carpets?

Carpet stains are a fact of life, but you don't have to use harsh or toxic chemicals to remove most stains. You may already have the cleaning ingredients you need in your own kitchen cabinets. Firs... Read More »

Walnut Stain Removal?

Walnuts make a great nutritional snack and ingredient in many dishes, but the deep brown and black stains that come with the walnut aren't so great. There are a few solutions for getting walnut sta... Read More »

Removal of a Stain from a Sharpie Pen?

Sharpie pens are a favorite writing tool because of the permanence of Sharpie pen ink. When a young child gets ahold of a Sharpie pen or you make an accidental swipe against a surface, you end up w... Read More »

Who discovered stain removal?

Aura L. Wilson discovered and commercialized stain removal in 1928. Wilson found an effective chemical formula to remove stains from clothing. At first he sold it only to his friends in the industr... Read More »