Homemade Paint Booths?

Answer There are many advantages to having a home paint booth. Besides the ability to do quick touchups and have greater control over the painting process, the cost of constructing and operating a paint b... Read More »

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Why use paint booths?

Paint booths are used to finish everything from crafts to locomotives. Paint booth size, airflow, lighting and filter systems are tailored for its intended use. Spray booths are used to protect hea... Read More »

About Paint Booths?

Paint booths are designed to protect the painter from fumes, the environment from pollution and the item being painted from contamination. A good paint booth supplies ample space to work, effective... Read More »

How to Wire Paint Booths?

Proper design of a paint spray booth is a critical factor in the safety of such facilities. Fire and explosion are primary concerns with paint booths because of the flammable vapors generated by so... Read More »

Lighting Regulations for Paint Booths?

For workers to put forth their best efforts, the paint booths they work in should have proper lighting. Factors to consider in setting up lighting include the booth type and its color, as well as i... Read More »