Homemade Oil Viscosity Tester?

Answer Viscosity is the measure of how well an oil flows. Thicker oils have higher viscosity and protect moving parts within engines and other equipment better than thinner oils with lower viscosity. At l... Read More »

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How long do I have work as a beta tester to become an official game tester?

Beta testing and game testing are two completely different things. Beta testing is not a trial period to becoming an official game tester. Official game testers require college degrees and are expe... Read More »

How to Cut Oil Viscosity?

Every bottle of oil has a viscosity rating. For example, 10W30 oil has a viscosity of 10 when cold and a viscosity of 30 when heated up. The higher each number, the thicker the oil. Many people mix... Read More »

How to Read Oil Viscosity?

Motor oil viscosity, or thickness, is given by an alpha-numeric code on the can. This code describes how thick the oil is, and what sort of engines it is meant to lubricate.

How to Choose Oil Viscosity?

Viscosity refers to the thickness of a liquid. Motor oil viscosity is rated according to standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Higher numbers indicate a thicker oil. Oil rated... Read More »