Homemade Non-Toxic Peroxide Disinfectant for Bathrooms?

Answer You disinfect your bathroom to keep your family safe from germs. If you also want to keep them safe from the effects of harsh chemicals found in commercial disinfectant products, you can create you... Read More »

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Peroxide As a Disinfectant?

Hydrogen peroxide is a mildly acidic disinfectant that has many uses beyond the medicine cabinet. It is an effective household cleaner for the laundry, bathroom, kitchen and floors. Hydrogen peroxi... Read More »

Hydrogen Peroxide as an Air Disinfectant for a Humidifier?

Humidifiers treat a variety of ailment symptoms at home. They can be used by themselves or with an inhalant such as medicated drops, eucalyptus or tea tree oil extract to improve breathing . Howeve... Read More »

Does anyone know of an all natural, non-toxic disinfectant?

Actually, you really don't need "disinfectants". Most of what we come across in daily life are "good" germs and only small doses of "bad" germs. Those small doses make our immune system stronger a... Read More »

What is a good non-toxic alternative to bleach For whitening laundry and disinfecting bathrooms etc?

Try borax or laundry bluing. Both will make your white clothes sparkle.You can look both up on wikipedia or google.