Homemade Mold & Mildew Remedy?

Answer Mold microorganisms grow in damp locations and can cause infections, allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. To remove mold without adding chemical toxins to your home, create a homemade ... Read More »

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How to Make Homemade Mold & Mildew Remover for a Shower?

The shower stall is the ideal location for mold and mildew to form since the fungus thrives in damp, warm places. When mold and mildew are left unattended, this member of the fungus family spreads ... Read More »

Home Remedy to Kill Mildew?

Mildew is a kind of fungus, or mold. It is capable of reproducing (via airborne spores) and spreading rapidly. Mildew-infested items often smell musty. They may even rot and fall apart. Mildew is o... Read More »

How do i get rid of mold&mildew on clothes?

LaunderWash clothing in hot water with a small amount of detergent and 2 cups of white vinegar added to the load.Dry WellDry laundry on the safest heat setting for the fabric. Make sure that the cl... Read More »

How to Check for Mold & Mildew?

Mold and mildew spores are constantly moving through the air both inside and outside your home. They only become a problem when they settle and begin to grow, which can happen in damp areas of your... Read More »