Homemade Metal Art Sculptures?

Answer Art is available in two forms: an original or homemade piece and a reproduction of an original homemade piece. All art begins in the heart and mind of one or more artists. The original piece is cra... Read More »

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Types of Metal Sculptures?

Not everyone can work with metal as an art medium, but the material does provide flexibility and durability. Artists who create with this material must choose what kind of metal is most suitable fo... Read More »

Homemade Ice Sculptures for Weddings?

Ice sculptures can add beauty and elegance to a wedding but you don't have to hire someone to create this frozen art piece, you can create your own ice sculpture at home instead. There are a few me... Read More »

Homemade Metal Pipes?

Percussionists use metal pipes to produce many different tones and effects. Professionally manufactured pipes, however, can be very expensive. Making your own pipes, though, can produce the same re... Read More »

DIY Homemade Welding of Thin Metal?

Successfully welding thin metal at home is not impossible, provided you have the right technique to avoid excessive warping or burn-through of the metal or excessive weakening of the material. The ... Read More »