Homemade Magnetic Motors?

Answer A magnetic motor is a means of turning electric current into motion using a magnet. Magnetic and electric forces are closely connected. When electricity is made to flow through a coil of wire, it g... Read More »

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How do I reverse permanent field magnetic motors?

Turn off the power to the motor. The motor should have a positive terminal and a negative terminal: Reverse the wire connections to these terminals: Connect the positive wire to the negative termin... Read More »

How to Reverse Permanent Field Magnetic Motors?

Electric motors have a central spindle, called the armature, which has multiple wire windings around it. When electricity flows through the windings it causes a magnetic field. However, the armatur... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Magnetic Levitation?

Magnets are able to push and pull on each other without touching because of magnetic force between them. Magnets are materials that emit a magnetic field, which attracts certain metals. Magnets hav... Read More »

Differences Between Hydraulic Motors & Electric Motors?

A motor is a machine that turns a source of fuel into motion. This is usually rotary motion, which is to say that motors turns around and around. In doing this, they are able to drive other mechani... Read More »