Homemade Magic Ink?

Answer Create your own magic ink with ingredients found in your kitchen. Write invisible messages that magically appear when the paper you have written on is warmed. Create a secret message or magic trick... Read More »

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What is the name of the previous cartoon tv series with a girl called Cassandra who has a magic talking book with an old man's face on it She fights against this evil guy and has a magic scooter?

I wanted to know for ages too i just found out its called UBOS

Is Magic Jack a good thing to have what are some bad things that can happen when you have Magic Jack?

you gonna love it!!I have it since last may and love it!but remember, if you are like the rest of most ppl who need every thing spoon-feed, then the MJ is not for you....but if you get turned on by... Read More »

Homemade Hoochâ„¢: Thinking of trying my hand at homemade hard cider. Any suggestions?

This is a pretty good site for advice. As with all home brewing keep everything scrupulously clean to avoid spoilage and make sure all traces of detergent are gone from the bottles before you begin... Read More »

How to Do Magic?

Remember those magic tricks you used to love when you were a kid? Ever want to do them? Well, this article will help you to perform these tricks like magic, literately!