Homemade Loofah Scrubbers?

Answer Visit almost any spa, and you're sure to see loofah sponges used for exfoliation of the skin. But did you know you can make these yourself, with help from Mother Nature? These hard-working natural ... Read More »

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Homemade Loofah?

Many people think loofah comes from the sea but they are mistaken. Loofahs are a type of gourd that can be grown in your own backyard on a trellis if your growing season is long enough. Once you ha... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Soap with a Loofah?

Homemade soap requires the proper supplies, patience and attention to detail. Once the methods are understood, however, the payoff can be great. Various colors and abrasives can be added to homemad... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Loofah Sponge Packages?

A loofah is a gourd that grows on a long, climbing vine, strongly resembling a cucumber plant. Although they are entirely edible, people typically harvest loofah gourds to create bath and spa spong... Read More »

How to Use a Loofah?

Do you envy those with clear complexions, but aren't sure of how to clear your skin? One way to obtain clear skin is to use a loofah effectively. A loofah is a sponge taken from the fibrous interio... Read More »