Homemade Liquid Plumber?

Answer A clogged drain is a nuisance . It makes showers uncomfortably awkward and using sinks a race against time before the whole room's transformed into a flooded mess. While a number of drain-cleaning ... Read More »

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Is Drano / Liquid Plumber truly bad for your pipes If so how does one unclog them without calling a plumber?

There is an excellent product on the market called "One-Second Plumber" or something like that, and it involves inverting the product into the drain and pushing, and the force from the can contents... Read More »

Is liquid plumber bad for pipes?

On One Hand: Chemicals Are HarshAny corrosive chemical can damage anything it can touch eventually. Even the Liquid Plumr website warns to not use its product on rubber pipes. If you forget to rins... Read More »

Can you put liquid plumber in a dishwasher to unplug it?

they stink really badYou can't hook up an upholstery cleaner to a Kirby unless it is a KIRBY upholstery cleaner that you buy separately and it attaches to it on the front of the machine.I have the ... Read More »

Can you use Liquid Plumber in a septic system?

Answer You need a saltwater system. The unit converts the salt (NaCl) to chlorine gas (Cl) within a chamber using electricity then (almost) immediately converts it back again to salt. The cycle is ... Read More »