Homemade Hair Hygrometers & Instructions?

Answer Human hair possesses an exceptional capacity of reacting to humidity. The length of human hair increases when the level of humidity goes up, and contracts when humidity decreases. This astonishing ... Read More »

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Why are hygrometers important In the field of meteorology?

Hygrometers are important in the field of meteorology because they measure the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor existing in the air at one time. A ... Read More »

Homemade Trumpet Mute Instructions?

A trumpet mute allows a player a softer, more muddled sound. Many songs in classical and jazz music require the use of a mute. If you do not have the money to buy a mute or enjoy do-it-yourself pro... Read More »

Tying Instructions for a Homemade Lanyard?

The first use of non-decorative lanyards is found in the late 1600s where they were made by sailors to fasten items on the deck of a ship. They became more prominent in the 1700s when they were use... Read More »

Instructions on How to Make a Homemade Robot?

The kind of robot you'll be able to make at home most likely won't be able to do the laundry or dance like Michael Jackson. A "vibrobot" is a robot that uses the staccato rhythm of vibration as a m... Read More »