Homemade Dry Feet Treatments?

Answer Dry skin on your feet can make them feel itchy and uncomfortable. When warmer weather hits and you want to wear sandals that bare your feet to the world, dry skin can be embarrassing and look unsig... Read More »

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Crows Feet Treatments?

Crows feet are the wrinkles that appear at the corners of the eyes as you age. They are also called smile lines, and can become quite deep over time. Fortunately, they are not inevitable. In fact,... Read More »

What are the Treatments for Smelly Feet?

The stench of sour, rancid, dirty feet can be extremely unpleasant. It's the type of problem that is hard to hide, especially the first few minutes after you remove your shoes. The smell is caused ... Read More »

Natural Treatments for Stinky Feet?

Smelly and stinky feet are never a pleasant thing. According to Reader's Digest, foot odor is traced to bacteria that thrive in moist and warm feet. As feet are usually encased in shoes all day, an... Read More »

Homemade Beauty Treatments?

Everybody needs a little pampering, but spa-quality treatments don't have to cost a fortune. Gather a few simple ingredients from your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator and create a variety of hom... Read More »