Homemade Driveway Gates?

Answer Having a gate across your driveway can be quite useful, especially if you live near a stadium or other high-traffic area and want to keep people from parking in your driveway. There are many styles... Read More »

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Homemade Driveway Alarm?

Adding a driveway alarm is an easy do-it-yourself project that saves money by avoiding the installation fees charged by a professional. Driveway alarms range from simple motion sensors with doorbel... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Driveway Alert?

You can put together and install your own wireless driveway alert system for half the cost of a "professional" security company model. The driveway alert will operate up to 100 feet from your home ... Read More »

How do I apply homemade sealer to a large driveway?

Preparing the DrivewayScrub the driveway with a driveway cleaner and a stiff scrub brush. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for using the product as this will vary. Rinse the driveway thorough... Read More »

If no trucks are allowed in a driveway according to the Home Owners Association can a handicapped persons truck be parked in the driveway?

If you are an owner requiring handicap access to parking, then you and the board can negotiate a workable solution to your parking requirements. Part of the negotiation should include the definitio... Read More »