Homemade Diapers?

Answer Parents who wish to make their own diapers have a variety of options available. Many materials can be used, including some found around the house. Diaper Sewing, a diaper sewing resource, recommend... Read More »

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Homemade Dog Diapers?

To prevent stained carpet, ruined furniture and cleaning hassles, sometimes it's best to put a diaper on a dog when she is in heat or has urinary or bowel problems. Pet stores and specialty website... Read More »

How to Buy Dog Diapers?

Dog owners may consider using dog diapers to handle a dog's urinary incontinence or to prevent leakage of blood while a female dog is in heat. When choosing dog diapers, you want to ensure a good f... Read More »

Should you take diapers that nobody ever uses anymore?

I suggest you don't. There's always a reason why ppl don't use something anymore. Hope this was helpful.

How many diapers do baby use in 1 day?

Well it does depend on your baby and how old he/she is. Here is a diagram which should help: From 1 to 3 months: 5 to 9 diapers4 to 5 months: 4 to 7 diapers6 to 12 months: 3 to 6 diapers12 to 24 m... Read More »