Homemade Cures for Extreme Dry Skin?

Answer Dry skin is medically known as xerosis. While extremely dry skin is unattractive and uncomfortable, it is not a serious skin condition. According to the Mayo Clinic, most cases of extremely dry sk... Read More »

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How to Make Homemade Cures for Irritated Skin?

Irritated skin has a number of causes from stress to weather conditions to allergies. Nature has many cures for skin irritation, and making your own skin soothers is easy. It also allows you to kno... Read More »

Homemade Cures for Getting Rid of Eye Bags?

Bags under the eyes can make you look exhausted, undernourished and unhealthy. While there are several retail skin care products that claim to get rid of eye bags, these pricey items are often inef... Read More »

Homemade Overnight Acne Cures?

Acne can often appear without a warning or sign. One day your face is clear, the next it is not. When outbreaks occur, it can be hard to find time to treat them because of how busy life can be. How... Read More »

Some Good Homemade Cures for Acne?

Acne sufferers known how toxic and harsh benzoyl peroxide creams can be on the skin. Since benzoyl peroxide is the most common treatment method for acne, most people do not realize that there are g... Read More »