Homemade Cleaner for Curling Irons?

Answer Nobody wants to throw out the quality curling iron that has worked on their hair for so long, but they often accumulates dirt and debris from use that makes them less efficient. Manufactured curlin... Read More »

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How hot are curling irons?

Curling irons can be useful tools to get long-lasting, bouncy curls. They are easy to use, and most models can get as hot as 295 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. Some professional models can get as hot a... Read More »

How to Use Curling Irons?

Using a curling iron is best for those who want to freshen or change their look with soft, tight or loose curls to frame their face. Does this Spark an idea?

Types of Curling Irons?

The present-day curling iron evolved from the Marcel tongs famous for creating classic waves on old Hollywood starlets. While the waves were attractive and are still worn to this day as a vintage s... Read More »

Different Curling Irons?

The curling iron presents an effective way of heat styling hair. Curling irons are used for more volume, to add a gentle bend in the hair for shape or a head full of flowing curls. Different heat s... Read More »