Homemade Bug Spray?

Answer Nobody wants to go outside and be pestered and bitten by bugs, but some people are wary of using bug sprays because of all the chemicals they contain. Fortunately, you can make your own homemade bu... Read More »

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Homemade Spray Tan?

Self-tanning products have become increasingly popular as people look for safer alternatives to the sun and traditional tanning booths. Not only do people want safe products, but they want tans to ... Read More »

Homemade Air Freshener Spray?

If you have a stinky room due to pets, kids or other underlying odors, you have probably purchased air freshener sprays. Nowadays, many people are straying from store-bought chemicals and mixing up... Read More »

Homemade Car Spray Booth?

Painting a car is one of the best ways to restore it to its original brilliance or give it a completely new, custom look. However, paint jobs can be expensive, with many auto shops charging upwards... Read More »

Homemade Glycerine Spray?

Glycerin has a softening effect on skin when it is diluted with water. It also dissolves well in alcohol, making it easy to incorporate into body sprays. But pure glycerin dehydrates, pulling moist... Read More »