Homemade Boulders?

Answer Natural stones and boulders add a rustic, natural appearance to cultivated landscaping projects. Unfortunately, natural stone can be heavy and expensive. A small boulder measuring 24 inches by 36 i... Read More »

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Are natural or artificial boulders preferred for pool designs that incorporate boulders that extend below the water by appx 12 inches?

How to Lay Boulders in Landscape?

Boulders or large stones can be an attractive addition to most landscaping but just plunking a rock down anywhere is not the best landscaping tactic. If you go to the expense and labor of moving la... Read More »

Difference Between Rocks & Boulders?

The difference between a rock and a boulder can be explained in terms of size and detachment. A rock is defined by geologists as an aggregate of minerals. A boulder is a type of rock, specifically ... Read More »

How to Make Concrete Boulders?

Concrete boulders add texture and dimension to landscaping. When it may be too expensive to haul in large boulders to use for landscaping, creating fake rocks may be a cheaper alternative. There ar... Read More »