Homemade Battery Terminal Connection?

Answer A battery powered electrical circuit requires two connections to the battery--a positive connection and a negative connection. Each battery cable requires a battery terminal connection to provide a... Read More »

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How to Form a Wire Loop for a Terminal Connection?

Electrical wires can be attached to the backs of switches or receptacles by being wrapped around the terminal screw, and then the screw tightened against the wire. This, in effect, "sandwiches" the... Read More »

How to Disconnect a Battery Terminal?

Disconnecting a vehicle power or ground cable from a battery terminal allows you to safely work on your vehicle or exchange the battery. When you examine your battery, you will find either top-moun... Read More »

Battery Terminal Types?

Battery terminals are used to attach leads to the battery. A wide variety of battery terminal types exis. Automotive batteries and alkaline batteries (the small batteries that power flashlights) ar... Read More »

How to Install a Battery Terminal?

A car's battery connects to the vehicle through the terminals, which are the sleeves that fit over the battery posts. Acid and rust degrade the terminals, which, if not monitored, will cause the te... Read More »