Homemade Aftershave Lotion?

Answer Your skin can become irritated after shaving. Many people like to apply aftershave lotion to their skin to soothe it. Aftershave lotion helps to close pores of the skin to prevent irritation. You c... Read More »

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How to Make Aftershave Lotion?

Making homemade aftershave lotion is an easy way to find a uniquely personal scent. Not only is it easy to make, but fun to experiment with as well. Mint is available in a variety of fragrances, an... Read More »

How to Make Herbal Aftershave Lotion?

For a refreshing, all-natural tonic that smells and feels great, try making these herbal aftershave concoctions. Does this Spark an idea?

What is the name of the first ship used on the Old Spice aftershave lotion bottle?

Old Spice aftershave is a staple in many drugstores. The aftershave bottles have a distinctive picture of a ship on them. The original Old Spice ship was in the Grand Turk, a merchant ship in the U... Read More »

Homemade Aftershave Balm?

A balm is a substance that contains an oil and often a fragrance. Balms are used for both grooming and medicinal purposes. An aftershave balm serves both purposes by soothing the skin after shaving... Read More »