Home video lighting problem.........?

Answer Hi "Stud": Since you didn't provide us with what model cellphone you were using, I can only comment that you are the typical victim of bad (or none at all) Auto-Exposure features in the camera sect... Read More »

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Youtube video problem or Flash player problem?

From the sound of it, I'm pretty sure the problem is with Firefox.I suggest restart Firefox with add-ons disabled. Just go to Help icon on the upper left side of your Firefox browser and then tick ... Read More »

Need video lighting help?

ok i have emailed you.......the major problem is i dont know if you are doing "walk abouts" or can light rooms/sets at a timeone thing that will help you relax is most people dont notice that white... Read More »

Picture quality problem when connecting video to TV with S-Video TV out?

Try vlc media player to watch it. It has an upconversion that should help. BTW it also upconverts from standard dvd to near hd quality, kinda.

Lighting question for video?

Shoot using the bright lights... white. Make skin tones look as natural as possible. If you want to adjust colors in post production, it will be a lot easier.