Home stereo speaker wire gauge?

Answer The lower gauge will allow more power to flow to the speakers creating a better sound quality. In your case it seems like 14 should do good for you to power those big speakers!

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What gauge speaker wire do I need for home audio?

Thicker wire has a lower gauge and maintains audio signals over longer distances. Inventory the audio setup and distance between the amplifier and speakers. Sixteen-gauge wire is ideal for distance... Read More »

Would 12 gauge speaker wire be a good choice for my home theater?

There is no reason to use a 12 guage wire on a home theatre system, you're not pushing 1000 watt car subs! Stick with a good 16 gauge wire that has an all copper oxygen free braided strand, it will... Read More »

Is 18 gauge remote wire the same as a regular 18 gauge speaker wire?

Stereo speaker wire?

Its not very good wire the CCA stands for "copper clad aluminum" in other words its not real copper wire its aluminum... You need good copper wire for best results... also Oxygen Free Cooper wire ... Read More »