Home remedies for a soar throat?

Answer I'm not exactly sure of home remedies but next time you're out, go pick up a jar of the multivitamin pills-they do wonders. You should probably know you're body's warning signs of when you are ab... Read More »

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How can you tell the difference between strep throat and just a regular soar throat?

In my experience....Strep was accompanied by flu like symptoms (fever, achiness)and I would get white spots on the back of my throat. And it would feel like my throat was swelling shut.And a sore ... Read More »

Any home remedies for my Throat problem?

I TALK for a living.And my voice is really deep for a girl.So, I can have constant "throat" problems.For bedtime.......Hot Herbal Teaadd; Drop in a peppermint candy or a couple of throat lozengesA ... Read More »

Home remedies for a sore throat?

The traditional honey and lemon in tea really does wonders, I prefer a green tea or i make my own tea from strained ginger. At nght, I will gargle with warm salt water, which soothes the throat as... Read More »

Home Remedies for your throat?

1. Gargle with warm salt water several times.2. Drink warm water3. Drink Warm lemon juice with just a touch of honey for taste.4. When 1st waking up, don't speak until you have drunken something wa... Read More »