Home page doesn't start at the top?

Answer firefox is awesome, and so it has a feature that remembers where on a page you were when you added it as a bookmark. delete the bookmark, and then go to wikipedia. scroll to wherever you want it to... Read More »

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Why doesnt page 3 print using duplex printing?

Is there print on all 4 pages, or is one blank? (The software may not be sending a blank page or the printer may ignore it).Are all the pages setup and formatted the same?What does it look like whe... Read More »

How do I get my task bar back to the bottom of the page. I have XP home vers. and the bar is at top of page.?

that shouldnt have anything to do with spyware. right click on the bar and make sure that it is not "locked" After unchecking this, click and drag it down along the side and to the bottom. Annoyanc... Read More »

Why doesnt Wilson show his whole face on home improvement?

Wilson was inspired in part by a neighbor that Tim Allen had when he was too young to see over his neighbor's fence (and therefore unable to see his neighbor). As a result, the bottom half of Wilso... Read More »

I put my landline home phone into the land/ground and it doesnt work - help?