Home made video... How'd we do?

Answer lol thats so cute =)

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If I made a home video of me and Rosie odonnel doing the dirty deed and released it on youtube,?

Tons and tons of money, the thought of you and Rosie is a huge turn on. I'd pay to see it too

Hip hop the fcc just shut wyclefs open letter down. this is sirus we pay for it. howd they do dat?

Is Wyclef even a rapper? I know he's featured in some rap songs but he's more of a singer imo@WUtangkarate: Nah, I don't listen to him tbh only a few tracks and btw just because I don't know about ... Read More »

What is home address of bitoy's funniest video video clip contest?

What should i be looking for in a decent video camera I want great home video's?

Shutter speed.Amount of light allowed into lens.Camera shake elimination.Slow-motion capability.Quality of Microphone.Amount of optical zoom. (And Digital, but Optical is better)Sensible resolution.